Published on March 23, 2021

Due to Level 5 lockdown, we are unable to have people in the Church for Easter Ceremonies.

However, the Church is open for private prayer.


To try and make the Easter Ceremonies possible in a safe and meaningful way this year we will be broadcasting our ceremonies live stream on and on our Parish Radio 99fm.

We will also be having some ceremonies outside of the Church. We are also leaving some symbols associated with Holy Week and Easter in the Church that people can pick up in their own time and take home.

Penitential Service:-      Friday 26th March                          6.30pm

Palm Sunday Eve:-         Saturday 27th March                     6.30pm

Palm Sunday:-                  Sunday 28th March                      11.30am

(After Masses, people are asked to pick up Palm Crosses from the Church and pin them on the doors of their homes).

Holy Thursday:-              1st April                                               7.30pm

Good Friday:-                   2nd April                                          3.00pm & 7.30pm

(After Masses, people are asked to pick up a small Silver Cross from the Church that they can kiss at home).


Easter Vigil Saturday:-  3rd April                                            6.30pm

Dawn Mass Easter Sunday:-  4th April                                  6.00am on Facebook

Unfortunately, people cannot attend this Mass.


Easter Sunday 4th April:-                                                            9.00am & 11.30am

(People are asked to pick up a small bottle of Easter water from the Church so that they can use to Bless themselves and their homes).